vomity admonition

For what seemed like the entire months of November and December (2013), I mourned the scarcity of meaningful friendships here in Switzerland. I was in a “woe is me” pit. My husband and I even stayed up talking about how lonely life as a parent can be, especially in your 20’s, when many people our age are living a lifestyle that involves more sleep, more cute outfits. While we do HAVE friends, and even some friends with children, finding friends to share life with, to be in true community with, to raise our families along side them with like-minded values, is another topic entirely. But my wintery slump has finally ended.

This past week our oldest daughter had a stomach bug and I’m so thankful for that vomity-mess. In the night, as I washed load after load of pukey laundry and bedding, while Daddy held her and spooned her sips of fennel tea, love was there. Lingering in the air was not only the pungent smell of stomach acid, but also the over-powering aroma of love. And it hit me. My husband is my best friend. He’s right here. The funniest person I know. The silliest yet level-headedest. He’s the CEO and I’m the COO (I’m also head of HR and the janitor) and this family is our greatest work; this work is eternal. Even if I feel lonely, grungy, or uninvolved in “the world,” I am reminded that this is our core. Building this family is our highest calling.

Funny how God can use sweet-potato-colored vomit to make me see so clearly that I need my husband’s hands and heart and mind. He needs to know that he is needed and appreciated. Our children need a momma and daddy that love each other and love them with a love that comes like a tsunami from our Father in heaven. I would never sacrifice these precious moments with my family for any other life. I’d rather be here, cleaning up fluids, dabbing sweaty foreheads, and listening to my husband humming to our sick girl, than anywhere in town, with any number of friends, hangin’ out. These are my people, and with them, I am happiest.

2 thoughts on “vomity admonition

  1. Each time you write one of these post It makes me cry. But it also make me see how mature you are and how much you are growing . I love that you can see God in these situations. I look back at times when I was away from my closest friends and family and thought “what am I doing this for? “It’s odd that you are saying some of the same things I felt and went through. I guess we all go through similar things and don’t realize that the person next to us may be having the same things happening. Especially people with kids. That’s why it is good to have someone to talk to. To compare stories. It was tough so many times. Everything seemed so strange and different. But God uses things to help us . I pray you will find a kindred spirit . It’s not like we have instructions. We just have to remember things we were taught and pray we are making the right decisions. knowing He will be there no matter what. It can be so overwhelming at times but I want you to know you can always talk to me. I know I have tendency to seem like I’m not listening. But I will always try to help.I am so thankful for Marco. For his patience, his wisdom, and his love for you and the girls. It is so amazing that God gives us exactly what we need when we need it. What y’all are doing is developing a long lasting relationship. A relationship that is like no one else. One that is just for y’all and your family. Growing together , learning together. Being there for each other and knowing you can depend on each other. In no time you will be celebrating your 10th,15th and 25th and look back and wonder where the time went. Sorry I went on so but it’s 2:30 and my BFF is snoring beside me so I can lay here and thank God for him and you and all you have learned. You inspire me and make my heart fill with love. I love you so. Mom


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