calm assurance

Here in Switzerland it is nearly midnight. I sit on the floor beside a twinkling Christmas tree, a few presents already wait beneath it. Only the muffled hiss of radiators warming the apartment and the gentle snores from my husband and 2 daughters can be heard from the next room. I wander through my thoughts and pray. I pray for our not-yet adopted daughter in Armenia. Is she sleeping? Is she warm? Did she laugh today? “Jesus send an angel to cradle her.” My mind wanders to the news of Aleppo, bombings continue, civilians killed, more orphans, more refugees. “Lord, the earth groans. People killing other people. How long, oh Lord? How long?” Tomorrow my daughter’s kindergarten is singing Christmas carols in the village square. I’ll have to be sure and lay out her tights to go under her jeans. It’ll be freezing. I think about how warm it probably is in my hometown in Texas, its even still daytime there. “God your world is so wide, and rich, and full, so broken, so hurting, so wasted. We’re full of love and full of hate.” I lay on my face and our rug smells like juice and I pray to God for mercy and grace. Intonations of thankfulness calm my spirit and I know… He holds the future.


3 thoughts on “calm assurance

  1. My sweet sweet daughter.. so wise.. so wonderful.. so sweet.. so kind … with a heart big enough to love all people.. my heart is full of love for you as I read this (and cry) and thank God for you .. for the amazing mother..wife.. and woman you have become..waiting for that sweet little baby you and Marco and your girls will soon have .. to hold and love … all in Gods time!! I love you so!!!

    • I am amazed every time I “talk” to her how God is growing her into a woman after Gods own heart. I desire many times to have that outlook and it’s so nice to hear it from her. M

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