A couple of months ago my husband found out that his company had been buying aborted fetal tissue from Planned Parenthood through a procurement company in America, and using them for drug development. This stirred deeply in our hearts, guts, and soul. We are in the midst of a special needs adoption because we believe all life has value. How could we say with our mouths we believe in Life, but continue to work for a company profiting from the byproduct of death? We couldn’t. We knew in our hearts that he must quit his job. So he resigned. His co-workers were stunned, but most of them supported his decision; respecting his sincerity and his convictions. He was given the opportunity to speak with the CEO and CFO to present why he was resigning, but as I have jokingly said to him before, he is “just some guy in a tie” and they explained that while his convictions are honorable, the company will continue buying aborted babies. He has applied for many jobs and interviewed for a few, but as of today he hasn’t found a new job. He’s officially unemployed. And so we wait. Our greatest concern right now is how this unemployment will affect our adoption. We have savings, severance pay, and we have already raised the entire amount that we need to complete the adoption. But the control of if we can proceed as unemployed people in the adoption rests in the hands of our social worker. We’ll meet with her next week to explain our situation and see what she says.  The deep peace we feel and the continued joy we have in this uncertain time could only come from the Holy Spirit. We know God is good and God has a plan. We wait joyfully on His direction.

3 thoughts on “unemployment.

    • Dear Edward, we are deeply appreciative of the prayers our friends have prayed along this journey. In this time of great uncertainty, we are flooded with peace and joy as we wait on the Lord. We will keep our friends and family updated, stay tuned! 😀

    • Dear Friends!!! We have just been informed that our social worker WILL NOT stop our adoption process, they wont even make us take a break due to my husband’s unemployment!!! We can continue on as we are, and they will re-evaluate our case in 6 months. It is very possible that in less than 6 months we will be traveling to Armenia to meet our future daughter! We also know that our dossier has been accepted by the Armenian government, and now we simply await notification from Yerevan! This is such a HUGE ANSWER TO PRAYER!!! We are rejoicing today!!!
      God is so good!!!!

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